“Sometimes the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up.”

~Brene Brown
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I am a mental health counselor in Westminster, MD who believes that your story matters. I help people find healing from problems, trauma, and obstacles in their stories.

Joshua Foster, M.A., Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor
License #:LGP10146

FosteringHopes Counseling
15 E. Main Street
Westminster, MD 21157

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Making a choice to seek out help through counseling is a big decision. There are no magic buttons or quick-fix solutions: this is why having a therapist who will come alongside you and walk with you while showing empathy, looking for themes, and asking gentle questions is so valuable. I believe that such a therapist is a gift and my hope is that I can play this role in your life.

I believe that our lives are stories, and by working together in counseling using various techniques and long-standing approaches with proven results, we’ll be able to figure out what behaviors and/or thoughts might be holding you back from living your best life.

I lean towards using a narrative approach in counseling. I believe that all of us are influenced by our family of origin, culture, religious beliefs, friends, events, (and more!) and from these we construct narratives that affect the choices that we make, what we believe about ourselves, and the world.

My hope is that through counseling we can discover the narratives and beliefs that are causing you difficulty. They are often hidden and this is where having a counselor who works to know and understand you is so vital. As we unearth these we will work towards understanding the behaviors and beliefs they have created and work to replace these with new narratives and meanings.

I have a special interest in doing trauma counseling with people who have suffered trauma from religious systems, beliefs, churches, and people. Check out my Dealing With Religious Trauma page for more information and why this is a passion of mine.

Whether you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship or family difficulties, addiction, PTSD or anything else, I believe that counseling is a valuable experience that can lead you to healing and a greater understanding of yourself.

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